Here's a great way to use the last of your green harvest.
Spinach Pesto

10 oz./310g
spinach, fresh 
3 oz./90g 
pine nuts, toasted
3 oz./80ml
extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup/60g
parmesan cheese
garlic cloves
1/2 oz./15g
fresh lemon
1/2 cup/15ml
water, as needed
 sea salt to taste
   cracked white pepper to taste

Yield: 3 cups / 750mlSecure lid on Vita-Prep® container. Set speed controls to Variable, #3. While machine is running, feed cheese through lid. Gradually increase speed to Variable, #8 for 10 seconds until finely ground. Add remaining ingredients in Vita-Prep®container. Secure lid. Set speed controls to Variable, #10. Using the Accelerator Tool, press ingredients into the blades until a gritty paste is achieved, approximately 20 seconds. Set speed control to High. Continue to process mixture, adding enough water to achieve desired consistency, approximately 20 seconds. Use Accelerator Tool to press ingredients into blades.
*suggestions: Serve with all types of pastas, use as a plated sauce base for fish, veal or chicken, use in a squeeze bottle as an intense green color addition, accompanying sauce or salad dressing.

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